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An increasing number of people across the world are turning to handcraft tailoring. What do think about "handcraft" tailoring or what are the main factors & elements to actually achieve the title of handcraft?


For generations, there has been a misconception that men should never be noticed for their sense of dress. Clearly, this is a school of thought that was perpetuated by men in mediocre clothing. For all handcraft connoisseurs, handcraft tailoring meticulously preserves and conveys unique flair, specific techniques and distinctive style. Handcraft tailoring enjoys shape, no matter what one may believe a client's physique permits. Overall the cut is subtle; some padding and roping in the shoulders combined with moderate waist suppression.

In an age when so many young designers are driven by point of view, Rory remains as both physiologist and psychologist of the needle arts. The starting point is the client's body - not the shifting trends of men's fashion. The tailor gets into the mind of his client, understanding his needs and delivering a product that conveys the inner style of the wearer in a subtle form. Rory Duffy is a permanent fashion. Contemporary suits fit for purpose and make men feel in control of any given situation. Handcraft shouldn't impose on house style, but rather work intensively with each handcraft customer to cut the suit requested without sacrificing dignity for over-styling.

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