Our Concept


During his many years in New York City, Rory came to know the need New Yorkers possessed for a true handcraft suit in a sea of made-to-measure. Even then Rory did not want to sacrifice quality for quantity. Rather than following the masses, Rory created the team of his dreams upon returning to his ancestral home to train a workshop of handcraft tailors and relaunch his brand as Rory Duffy & Co. staying true to old-world techniques.


He and his team of handcraft tailors have dropped the veil on their making process and proudly display the end-to-end production of their handcrafted garments. Every tailor involved with Rory Duffy & Co. is truly unique as all its members were trained by one Master Tailor to ensure that the whole choir sings from the same hymn sheet. True artisans who have spent years finely tuning their craft to deliver not only exceptional quality but also truth in handcraft service.


Rory Duffy has revolutionised the way tailoring is delivered to his clients globally while maintaining the traditional dexterity of handcraft tailoring. The tailors Rory trained in New York now represent his brand as ambassadors to handcraft tailoring offering a service even Savile Row’s finest cannot match; on-site 24/7, delivering a product and service in as little as twelve weeks.


Brand Ambassadors are trained to cut patterns and fit suits for the elite. Every suit starts and finishes in Rory's workshop to ensure quality throughout leaving nothing to chance. Working with one of Huddersfield’s oldest cloth merchants, Dugdale Brothers, only the best fabrics, lining and trimmings produced in the British Isles are used by Rory Duffy & Co. producing a very British suit with a modern silhouette.