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Our Concept


“Regardless of how well a garment is made, if the pattern is not cut correctly and an appropriate fit is not achieved, then fine stitching will not make up for its shortcomings…”

Words first spoken by Master Tailor Rory Duffy to inspire his tailors to take up the needle and follow his footsteps into the tailoring trade.
Fit and style go together like a hand and glove.


Rory Duffy and his team of handcraft tailors offer a stylish modern silhouette while maintaining the traditional dexterity of handcraft tailoring.


Since relocating back to his ancestral home in Monaghan, Ireland Rory Duffy has been training scores of handcraft tailors around the world creating a legacy of many generations and backgrounds united in the same ideology to preserve and restore the art of handcraft tailoring.


Rory has dropped the veil on his making processes and proudly displays the end to end production of his handcraft garments, artisans who spent years finely tuning their craft to deliver not only exceptional quality but also truth in handcraft service.

The concept is simple - Rory is the first point of contact for every new client. He explains the process, walking them through the various options assuring them they are in good hands.

Rory’s team is unique in that all its members were trained by the same Master Tailor to ensure the whole choir sings from the same hymn sheet. Transparency is a key factor in our process.

Clients should see evidence of their personalized patterns, their garment makers preparing their clothes for fittings. Rory maintains a small in-house team that can meet the immediate needs of every one of his clients but has also the support of a score of tailors who have trained under Rory's tutelage.

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