Six Step Process



The beginning of your sartorial journey starts with that all-important first consultation

A meeting will be set with your local Brand Ambassador – a highly trained and skilled pattern cutter and fitter. Together you will discuss your wardrobe, style, your lifestyle and what is your overall expectations are when selecting a bespoke suit.

With thousands of cloths to choose from, our Brand Ambassador will help you narrow down your choices to a select few.

Our representative will take your measurements, study your figure and help guide the hand of our Master Tailor when making that first cut in your unique oak tag pattern. Using patented instruments and tools designed by our Master Tailor, a three dimensional understanding of your unique physical idiosyncrasies start to take shape.



Pocket Baste Construction

All pattern and cloths are cut by our Master Tailor, Rory Duffy, at his workshop. Rory's in-house team makes up that all-important first fitting under Rory’s watchful eye. A pattern is only as good as the team of artisans that sew it together.


Not leaving anything to chance, Rory ensures that every garment to leave his sight is a true representation of what he and the Brand Ambassadors are trying to achieve.



The First Fitting

Within three weeks of the first consultation, you will be invited back for your first pocket baste fitting.
This first step is all about posture and balance. Our Brand Ambassadors need to be sure of the hang of the suit before preceding with fit and form.

Detailed notes, photos and recordings are taken of each season for quality assurance purposes.

After each fitting, the garments return to Rory’s workshop for the rip and remark.



Garment Maker Selection

To ensure continuity in fit and feel, the garment maker selected for each client will remain with them for their time with Rory Duffy & Co.


Rory hands off each garment to a skilled tailor he trained and ordained as a handcraft tailor, sewing the suit up to the next step in the garment making stage.



The Second Fitting

After three weeks with our handcraft tailors, the suit is ready for its second
fitting. The garment is now close to the finishing stage. The suit is made bar the finishing stitches such as buttonholes and edge stitching.

With extra cloth allowances at crucial seams (inlay), any necessary alterations can still be made.



Final Alterations


Finishing Stitches

The final alterations and finishing are overseen by Rory. The garments are checked over to ensure the highest possible quality is attained.


The buttonholes are sewn in by hand and the whole garment is pressed off and buttoned by Rory and his team.

The garment is then sent back to the Brand Ambassador who will meet with the client in person to deliver the garment and make the final checks on comfort and fit.