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Q & A with Rory Duffy


What are the necessary skills for becoming a qualified high-level handcraft tailor? What does the tailor need to learn?

For one to become a qualified high-level handcraft tailor they must be passionate, dedicated and committed – not only to years of training but to strive for excellence in all areas of handcraft tailoring.

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What are the differences between a handcrafted suit, a bespoke suit and an industrial production suit?

Rory Duffy's team of expert tailors are dedicated to preserving the art of handcraft tailoring for the next generation. But at times, even we must make a compromise for the benefit of our clients.

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Is there a common standard of your handcraft suits? How to tell or judge a high-quality handcraft suit?

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The beauty of handcraft is in its subtly. The reassurance enjoyed by the wearer in the knowledge that Rory Duffy's suit encapsulates the essence of comfort, modesty and prestige.

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Could you please tell us the process of ordering and making a handcraft suit?

Rory Duffy pays obsessive attention to fit, eyeing the client like a sculptor looking for the statue inside a block of marble, measuring angles and inclines you as the client never knew you had. 

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Unlike store-bought clothing, one does not simply order and await delivery. There's a time-honoured process and an experience working with a master craftsman developing a wardrobe tailored especially for you.


What is the price of ordering a handcraft suit?

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What is the most difficult process of making a handcraft/bespoke suit? Would you please explain why?

If tailoring were easy, handcraft would not be on the decline and nor would it take master craftsman of over seven years dedicated training to master the art. 

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 Rory Duffy is constantly working with the finest mills in both the UK and Europe sourcing quality materials from leading experts in the industry.

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What fabrics and trimmings does
Rory Duffy use?

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What are the unique selling points of the making of Rory Duffy, meaning the difference between Rory Duffy. and other competitors?

Rory Duffy allows the clients to be the architects of design in the creation of their suits believing choice to be the fundamental principles behind the process. 

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I had the honour of accepting an invitation from former First Lady, Michelle Obama to the White House for her annual Fashion Education Workshop in which I received recognition for my contribution to education in America.


What famous clients have the team of Rory Duffy provided with their tailoring services? Are there any interesting stories?

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An increasing number of people across the world are turning to handcraft tailoring. What do think about "handcraft" tailoring or what are the main factors & elements to actually achieve the title of handcraft?

In an age when so many young designers are driven by point of view, Rory Duffy remains as both physiologist and psychologist of the needle arts. The starting point is the client's body - not the shifting trends of men's fashion. 

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