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Who is Rory Duffy?


Rory Duffy is a fifth-generation, Savile Row trained, award-winning master tailor.
In 2016 Rory returned to Ireland after almost 15 years abroad and founded his international school of tailoring, The Handcraft Tailor Academy.
Throughout this time, Rory has continued to offer a handcraft bespoke tailoring service to a select clientele.

To reach his followers at the furthest edges of the world, Rory relaunched his school online in 2018.

The Covid outbreak in 2020 saw Rory’s online school surge in popularity, allowing him the time to open up his books and offer a genuine tailoring service to both local and national clients. Ireland hasn’t had a true handcraft tailor on its shores since the days of men like Rory’s grandfather who retired in the mid-sixties.


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