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What are the differences between a handcrafted suit, a bespoke suit and an industrial production suit?


Rory Duffy's team of expert tailors are dedicated to preserving the art of handcraft tailoring for the next generation. But at times, even we must make a compromise for the benefit of our clients. The world spins at a faster pace now than when Savile Row was at its epicentre. Understanding the needs of our clients is foremost of our goals when meeting their expectations. We want to offer a service that can meet our client's needs in a timely fashion and therefore have introduced bespoke as a means to meet those requirements.
Handcraft and bespoke are bench made garments, constructed by individually highly trained skilled artisans specialising in the traditional art of Savile Row tailoring. In many parts of the world, the skills of the tailor were lost with the introduction of production made suits. Assembly lines were introduced and skilled tailors were replaced by machine operators. Rory Duffy has wound back the hands of time, abolishing the assembly line system and returning to the roots of bench made handcraft and the essences of tailoring; one artisan making one garment, a specialist in his or her field.

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