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Is there a common standard of your handcraft suits? How to tell or judge a high-quality handcraft suit?


The beauty of handcraft is in its subtly. The reassurance enjoyed by the wearer in the knowledge that Rory Duffy's suit encapsulates the essence of comfort, modesty and prestige. Like all the luxuries in life, whether it be fine champagne or a thoroughbred racehorse, it's the presentation and life long performance that is the true testament to its quality.

Like all the Savile row tailors, Rory Duffy's suits, though often copied are never equalled as it is their heritage and skilled artisans that makes the suit stand out from the best of the rest. Their attention to detail in the handcrafted construction is only equalled by the precision of fit, sculpted to the body of the wear it forms a second skin that feels as organic as the materials used through the creation.

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