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What is the most difficult process of making a handcraft/bespoke suit? Would you please explain why?


If tailoring were easy, handcraft would not be on the decline and nor would it take master craftsman of over seven years dedicated training to master the art. That being said, one of the signs for a finely made handcraft suit is not only the precision of the fit but also the attention to detail of the finish. The handmade buttonhole has vanished from the ready-to-wear sector. Its roots lay with Savile Row and the dedicated team of finishers each company employs to maintain this sign of true excellence in each handcrafted suit.


As Oscar Wilde once said, "A well made buttonhole is the closest link between art and nature".

Each buttonhole is unique and each set is unique to the creator. Though no two look the same, there is a similarity which links them together and sets each suit apart. With over seventy stitches in each hole, sewn with the finest quality of silk thread, it can take as long as thirty minutes to sew one hand made buttonhole.

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