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What fabrics and trimmings does Rory Duffy use?


It takes more than just skilled artisans to make world-class handcraft suits. Indeed, no matter how competent the baker, it's the quality ingredients that help give the cake its flavour.

A handcrafted suit is no different. Rory Duffy is constantly working with the finest mills in both the UK and Europe sourcing quality materials from leading experts in the industry.

As Savile Row is known for handcraft suits, Huddersfield is world-famous for being home to cottage spinners and weavers for over a thousand years. The oldest settlement in Huddersfield was Almondbury which can be traced back to AD75 when Roman troops were slowly making their way through the country solidifying their new imperial rule. Throughout the ages from ancient times to the present day, clothing and textiles have been of pivotal importance in the evolutionary history of Huddersfield and the mills there. Methods of textile production have continually evolved and today they still hold the enviable title of the world's best suiting cloth.

Rory Duffy's team work closely with the mills of Huddersfield so they may constantly be informed of the new style and techniques and make them available to their clients. From diamond-encrusted cloth to gold woven yarns, the highest level of luxury is available upon request.

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