What are the unique selling points of the making of Rory Duffy & Co, meaning the difference between RD & Co. and other competitors?


Just as the world is divided into the Burgundy and Bordeaux drinkers, British tailoring is divided into the contesting camps of supreme structuralists and evangelical proponents of the drape.


Rather than choosing sides in this age-old philosophical debate, Rory Duffy & Co. allows the clients to be the architects of design in the creation of their suits believing choice to be the fundamental principles behind the process. Too few handcraft houses have such a vast knowledge of tailoring contained within its walls; competent masters of the craft, influenced not only by British tailoring but European, Russian and American.


It's the full understanding of these influences that allows the team of Rory Duffy & Co. to truly interpret the wishes of their clients and translate that into their clothing.