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What famous clients has the team of Rory Duffy provided with their tailoring services? Are there any interesting stories?


During the time I was still a lecturer at Parsons, The New School, I had the honour of accepting an invitation from former First Lady, Michelle Obama to the White House for her annual Fashion Education Workshop in which I received recognition for my contribution to education in America. She was a remarkable woman. Intelligent, strong and elegant. She impressed with her warmth and ease to interact.


In 2016, I was commissioned to make a suit for Jonas Brother, Nick Jonas for the Met Gala Awards. His choice was a difficult make - silk, which would usually be reserved for dinner jacket facings was selected for the entire coat paired with black mohair trousers with silk braiding. Silk such as this isn’t designed for coat making but I was able to do it and thus created a new design never before seen on a New York Met Gala catwalk.

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